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Uninterruptible Power Supply

In India, we’re currently going through acute power problems. Majority of the dams are not able to meet the demand. Coal power generation is a threat to the environment. The only solution is to produce own electricity.

With our innovative technology, you can attain self-sufficiency in power generation, at the exact same time you need not compromise on your way of life. Therefore you can run air conditioners, geysers, motors etc, without needing to worry about the electricity bill.

Our solution

Panels: High power output panels (350wp) highest in the market
Inverter: Developed within our lab. Which function well in any condition. Developed by considering high Indian condition of voltage fluctuates from 100v to 300V.

In-built protection: Our equipment comes along with surcharge protection.
Warranty: We offer 25years product warranty (highest in the marketplace )

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