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Off Grid Solar System In India

Off-grid Solar systems also called a standalone system. As the name says, this system works independently of the grid. Panels will charge the batteries first and then power the electrical appliances during the day time. At night batteries will supply the required energy to the load.

If you’re confronting regular power failures along with your power bill is burning your pockets. Off-grid solar energy generation is the best solution.

Off Grid Solar Network
How Off Grid Solar Generation works


  • 24/7 power supply
  • Constant voltage supply (In India most of the cities voltage varies from 100v to 280V)
  • Can run any type of home appliances


  • No revenue generation from the system
  • When you are not using the power is wasted
  • Power backup depends on the efficiency of the batteries


We proud to introduce our unique Off-Grid Inverters with following features

1. SKAN 2000VA – 12000VA Inverters: Elite series Off-Grid inverter supports very high surge load scenarios like AC, Geyser, etc. Our inverters are currently installed on cold storage chiller plants.
These inverters are capable of charging Lead Acid, Lithium-ion and Zinc Manganese dioxide batteries

2. SKAN 300VA – 1000VA Dlite series: Low cost – high-performance inverter.
3. Three phase : Off Grid inverters from 6 kVA up to 36 kVA.


For more information on our Off-Grid inverters please refer brochures

SKAN Dlite series
SKAN Elite series


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