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Accelerated Depreciation Tax Benefit For Commercial Units

Is this right time for the  industrial and commercial units to invest on Rooftop Solar power units?   Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE ) has set a target to install 227 Gigawatt by 31 March 2022. Government of India offered tax incentives of accelerated depreciation of fixed assets equated with the solar power plant to promote green energy generation.   As per the 2018–19 union budget, Industrial and commercial establishments can avail 40% accelerated depreciation benefits. comparing to 80% in the previous year. Corporates


How solar panels works during cloudy days?

What Happens To Solar Panels During Cloudy Days? Solar power panels perform best from sunny, unshaded conditions, so every type of shading or cloud cover may affect a panel’s output to the degree that, in extremely overcast conditions, a panel might only operate at 50 percent efficiency.   Solar Panels work on cloudy days? If you are only getting about 50 percent of the solar generation of your panels, and that is not enough to help maintain that your household’s appliances up and running,

World’s largest single-site solar plant switched on

United Arab Emirates started its operations of 1,177 MW solar power generation. This is the single largest solar power plant in the world which can cater to 90,000 people. Abu Dhabi based project will reduce the use of natural gas and use more on renewable energy solution. This initiative will prompt other Gulf countries to get into green energy solutions as most of the countries in the Gulf region are hugely depending on the thermal power generation. Project Cost: Nearly $871.2 MillionCarbon

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